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Year 4


This 1/2 term we will be continuing to study our focus text: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We will be developing our descriptive writing skills and exploring poetic features.


We are applying and developing our understanding of mathematical skills moving the children towards standard written methods and using more efficient strategies. This half term we will focus on formal column addition and subtraction.​


This term in science we will be learning about Living Things and their Habitats. We will explore the local outdoor area to find living things in the environment. We will compare the different types of living things we find and use classification to help identify groups.



In IPC will be focusing on a topic called What’s on the Menu? We will be learning about the different types of food that we eat and where they come from. We will also be exploring our local area and the different types of foods that we enjoy. We will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting food Workshop.


Curriculum Targets

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