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Year 5


In English, we are excited to be using The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse as a basis to our literacy learning this half term. This highly commended book tells of a inquisitive boy who develops friendships between different characters, whilst asking and answering thought provoking questions. This half term we will be writing poems, informal letters, stories as well as persuasive writing.




In maths, we are recapping our knowledge on different statistical charts, learning about line graphs and answering questions. We will also be recapping and developing our knowledge further in multiplication and division.



In science, we are looking at animals including humans, learning about reproduction and human development. We will be understanding the importance of different stages in animals and human life.



In topic this half term, we will be looking into Climate control, exploring what climate is and how it is changing. We will be thinking about how global warming is affecting our world, from raising temperatures and sea levels to destroying habitats of endangered animals. Through the use of exploring the Science museum, we will look into the atmosphere and explore how our world is changing.



Phonics games: http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/


Writing activity: https://www.pobble365.com/


Hit the button times table game: http://www.topmarks.co.uk/flash.aspx?f=hitthebuttonv11


Times tables Practise: https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student

Curriculum Targets

Please find attached the targets year 5 are working towards this year. The work towards achieving these targets will be covered in school but you can also help your child by checking their homework and looking for evidence of their targets in what they do. Also please ensure they read to an adult every night.

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